What To First Know About Trade Union

Facket guiden is the right place for everyone who wants to gather information about the trade unions. In general, each person who is known as the worker has their own reason for joining trade union. That’s why it would be better to first ask yourself why you should make such that decision. Aside from that, ensure that you consider the pros and cons of being the member. However, the decision you may will impact on your future as the worker or as the individual who want to take advantage of the union itself.

Trade unions are organizations formed from, by, and for workers both in the company and outside the company. Trade unions must have the nature of being free, open, autonomous, majority rule and dependable to battle for, shield, secure the rights and interests of laborers and enhance the welfare of specialists and their families. Workers are given the freedom to establish, join or not participate in a trade union.

The Trade Union Conference is a combination of at least 3 Trade Union Federations. The Confederation of Trade Unions has members of at least 150 people. The functions and benefits of trade unions are as described below, namely:

– As a party in making joint labor agreements and industrial dispute resolution;
– As a representative of workers/laborers in cooperation institutions in the field of labor in accordance with their level;
– As a means of creating harmonious, dynamic and fair industrial relations in accordance with applicable laws and regulations;
– As a means of channeling aspirations in fighting for the rights and interests of its members;
– As a planner, executor, and person in charge of striking workers/laborers in accordance with applicable laws and regulations;
– As a worker/labor representative in fighting for share ownership in the company; and
– Representing workers in resolving industrial relations disputes.
– In accepting members, trade unions must be open in the sense that they cannot distinguish between political, religious, ethnic and gender streams. A worker cannot be a member of 2 trade unions at once.