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Know the right sizes for doors and windows

For those of you who have a new home, you must determine the standard size of doors and windows that can adjust to your home needs. Given the very important function of doors and windows, it needs to be made to the right size. Well below are examples of various sizes of doors and windows of houses or buildings that are often used. Apart from that, you may need to hire a reliable windows installer service near you, if you’re inexperienced with any windows installation works.



In a house the main door is an important access for residents of the house, therefore the size of the main door needs to be adjusted to fit various activities. Home doors can use such as a single door, double doors with openings to the right or left, or can also carry a sling that connects to the window. The size of the door can use a width of 70 cm x 100 cm with a door height of at least 210 cm.


The window is a hole in the house that has various functions such as access of air in and out so that the house is healthy and comfortable when occupied. And there are several windows that are only used to beautify the value of home art. The standard window size is 60 cm wide and 150 cm height or size can adjust to the functions and desires of the homeowner.