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Recognize Some Rules of Giving Gifts From Various Countries Here

In all places, giving gifts certainly has the same rules, namely the gift that the person really likes or needs. There are many types of gifts that you can give to people you care about. One gift that was never eaten by the time was a music box. In fact, now you can create custom music boxes so that the prizes you give can be even more memorable.

To give gifts to special people, it turns out that in some countries there are rules themselves. Recognize some rules for giving gifts in various countries.

1. Japan
In a country that is famous for the beauty of this Sakura, the contents of your gift are not considered too important. Instead, they were very concerned about how the gift was packaged, as a form of respect for the recipient. Usually they use colors such as pastel shades or red, which symbolize life expectancy.

2. Broken
In China, the fruit is generally used as the most preferred gift. For example, apples are considered a symbol of peace and always appear at moments of great celebration, such as Christmas. Some other fruits that are also considered to bring good fortune are peaches, which are considered as a symbol of hope for a long life.

3. Turkey
In Turkey, gold is considered one of the most valuable gifts. For wedding gifts, for example, they generally give gold coins as gifts. The size of the coin given shows the level of closeness between the giver and the recipient of the prize. As for those of you who like books, avoid giving gifts to the Turkish people. The majority of Turkish people do not like reading books, not even a few are proud of it.

4. Germany
This country has some unique beliefs regarding the meaning of gifts in their country. Honey is considered a prayer for the good things that happen in life. One of the unique traditions in Germany in giving gifts is the recipient must immediately open the gift when receiving it.