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Is It Safe To Use Deodorant Every Day?

Are you seeking Deodorant without Aluminum for a certain reason or want to prevent any unwanted issue related to the use of deodorant itself? Many people use deodorant as a way to overcome body odor. Aside from that, deodorant also functions as a perfume that makes the body become more fragrant. That is why now various scents are created to make people more interested and comfortable using them. However, is it safe to use deodorant every day?

So far many people have mentioned that the use of deodorants in large quantities and long-term can trigger the onset of diseases such as breast cancer. However, in fact some studies have not found scientific evidence on this matter. One of them in the study of The National Cancer Institute, which states that there is no significant relationship between the use of deodorants and cancer. In addition to cancer, other diseases are often associated with the use of deodorants, Alzheimer’s. Similar to cancer, until now there has been no scientific evidence that proves the rumor.

Even so, that doesn’t mean you are encouraged to use lots of deodorants. In fact, the use of deodorant is not something that is mandatory, especially if your activity is not solid and sweat production is not so much. In humid tropical conditions and easy to sweat deodorants are used by those who will have a lot of daily activities and sweating.

Basically, the use of deodorant is adjusted to the activity you are doing. So, if you are required to use deodorant every day, you should be able to confirm if your skin condition is not having problems. The reason is, some substances contained in deodorants may trigger skin irritation. If after use of deodorant you feel itching around the armpit skin, redness, or even experience black underarms, this is a sign of skin under your armpit is irritated and must be treated.