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Social media can be the weapons for customer service agents

One that is needed by a company to be able to advance its business is to find criticism and seek advice from their customers. Even if the criticism given is not too good to hear, the impact of the changes afterward will be much better. One container used by customers to deliver criticism and give advice to a business is through social media. Social media is a good place to receive feedback in real time from customers to companies. In this case, as an intermediary, both our customer service. In the meantime, perhaps you should also use the 1300 number plans.

Social media is also a place for customer service to create a good relationship with their customers. This can be intertwined from an involvement between customer service and visitors to their account. When a visitor gives a message or comments, then try to get involved in it.

Always up to date with customers

Customer service is a bridge to the relationship between the company and their customers. Through social media, customer service can easily get the latest information and updates needed by their customers. Apart from comments and messages, customer service can also get the latest updates from conversations on their social media accounts. This update will later be used as a material for repairing or adding services and services that are in accordance with customer needs.

Build trust

Customer trust can be created from whatever the company provides. From the best service that is able to overcome any customer problems, or from services that are able to provide solutions for customers. One of the media used is through social media. From social media, customer trust can be created. A warm greeting and the right response will make customers more convinced that the company is professional. Although not face to face directly, but the customer service response greatly determines the level of customer trust in the company.

Get closer to the customer

This is what is expected by any company. They hope that they can always be easily close to their customers. This means that the company not only provides solutions to customer problems but also can be a friend who is always there when customers need. This closeness will later bring customers to become customer ambassadors for their company.