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3 Early steps in buying your first car

Most people will definitely cross the desire to buy a new car. This is because of the convenience offered and can travel without fear during rain or heat. With so many saving little by little so that one day you can bring your dream car. In the meantime, perhaps you should also check out the Extended vehicle warranty reviews.

When intending to buy a new car for those of you who are for the first time are expected to consider everything wisely. Don’t just buy along with your neighbors, friends or relatives. This is done so that there will be no regrets later on.

The following are tips for buying a new car for beginners who need attention.

1. Determine the model and also the features

When you want to buy a dream car, the first thing to do is determine the model. That way the preparation of funds can be estimated and just choose the brand. Not only that, but some features in it are also worth considering in order to support the safety and comfort in driving.

So by determining the model and completeness of the features, you are no longer confused in purchasing the first car.

2. Determine the budget and also prepare funds around 20% of the price of the car

In buying a car there are 2 ways of payment, namely the credit or cash system. If you want to make monthly payments when buying a car, you can use a credit system. If so, there is a minimum of 20% of the price of the car to pay Down Payment.

It’s very different from buying a new car with a cash system. Which is where the buyer must pay the entire price of the car to be purchased.

3. Don’t forget vehicle taxes

No less important for those of you who intend to buy a car is to pay attention to the amount of Sales Tax on Luxury Goods and also the annual Tax. In this case, carefulness is needed, because the cars with the same model have different tax costs. So doing the right comparison is expected to reduce the tax costs that will be incurred.

Social media can be the weapons for customer service agents

One that is needed by a company to be able to advance its business is to find criticism and seek advice from their customers. Even if the criticism given is not too good to hear, the impact of the changes afterward will be much better. One container used by customers to deliver criticism and give advice to a business is through social media. Social media is a good place to receive feedback in real time from customers to companies. In this case, as an intermediary, both our customer service. In the meantime, perhaps you should also use the 1300 number plans.

Social media is also a place for customer service to create a good relationship with their customers. This can be intertwined from an involvement between customer service and visitors to their account. When a visitor gives a message or comments, then try to get involved in it.

Always up to date with customers

Customer service is a bridge to the relationship between the company and their customers. Through social media, customer service can easily get the latest information and updates needed by their customers. Apart from comments and messages, customer service can also get the latest updates from conversations on their social media accounts. This update will later be used as a material for repairing or adding services and services that are in accordance with customer needs.

Build trust

Customer trust can be created from whatever the company provides. From the best service that is able to overcome any customer problems, or from services that are able to provide solutions for customers. One of the media used is through social media. From social media, customer trust can be created. A warm greeting and the right response will make customers more convinced that the company is professional. Although not face to face directly, but the customer service response greatly determines the level of customer trust in the company.

Get closer to the customer

This is what is expected by any company. They hope that they can always be easily close to their customers. This means that the company not only provides solutions to customer problems but also can be a friend who is always there when customers need. This closeness will later bring customers to become customer ambassadors for their company.

Invite Your Friends In Charitable Activities With These Three Ways

At present, more and more people are aware that charitable activities are indeed very important to do. Many of them have creative ideas to make the charity event more interesting and lively. One creative event that can be done is a charity run. The event was clearly in great demand by many people. Daniel Ballerini can help you organize the event to run well.

The success of the fundraising depends on how you package the event so that it attracts the attention of many people. The following are some tips to invite many people to participate in fundraising events or charity activities that you do.

1. Organizing sports events to increase public awareness
By making fundraising through healthy activities such as sports, it can attract the attention of many people and increase participation to contribute to the event that you form.
For example, sports activities such as charity run is a walking movement where all participants are present to contribute and increase public awareness for health and social issues.

2. Form a movement for good
Some movements formed to attract the attention of the public can be in the form of a movement to cut hair to bald in order to increase public awareness of increasing cancer.
This movement tells us that hair loss is not an obstacle for cancer sufferers and invites people to contribute through donations.

3. Create a music event
The idea of ?raising funds through music can also easily attract the attention of the public in large numbers. For example, organized music concerts are formed in order to raise funds for refugees or those who really need them
Especially to help meet the basic human rights needs and needs of other refugees such as shelter, health services, education, and social services.

This event is not only fun but can also raise awareness that in some cases has been missed by many people.

What To First Know About Trade Union

Facket guiden is the right place for everyone who wants to gather information about the trade unions. In general, each person who is known as the worker has their own reason for joining trade union. That’s why it would be better to first ask yourself why you should make such that decision. Aside from that, ensure that you consider the pros and cons of being the member. However, the decision you may will impact on your future as the worker or as the individual who want to take advantage of the union itself.

Trade unions are organizations formed from, by, and for workers both in the company and outside the company. Trade unions must have the nature of being free, open, autonomous, majority rule and dependable to battle for, shield, secure the rights and interests of laborers and enhance the welfare of specialists and their families. Workers are given the freedom to establish, join or not participate in a trade union.

The Trade Union Conference is a combination of at least 3 Trade Union Federations. The Confederation of Trade Unions has members of at least 150 people. The functions and benefits of trade unions are as described below, namely:

– As a party in making joint labor agreements and industrial dispute resolution;
– As a representative of workers/laborers in cooperation institutions in the field of labor in accordance with their level;
– As a means of creating harmonious, dynamic and fair industrial relations in accordance with applicable laws and regulations;
– As a means of channeling aspirations in fighting for the rights and interests of its members;
– As a planner, executor, and person in charge of striking workers/laborers in accordance with applicable laws and regulations;
– As a worker/labor representative in fighting for share ownership in the company; and
– Representing workers in resolving industrial relations disputes.
– In accepting members, trade unions must be open in the sense that they cannot distinguish between political, religious, ethnic and gender streams. A worker cannot be a member of 2 trade unions at once.

Dry Cleaning For Your Office Carpet

Basically, you don’t need to do dry cleaning for your carpet unless there are special cleaning requirements suggested by your carpet installer, carpet washer vacuum  you don’t need to dry your office carpet. To decide whether you need dry cleaning for your office carpet or not, you need to use our services at with a few considerations; If there is an electrical cable under or around the carpet floor, it cannot be cleaned using a wet system or you will be at risk of being shocked by your electric short circuit. Some offices with power cords under the carpet layer do not clean it at all, fearing to damage the power cord. Although actually this fear is no longer needed because there is an effective professional dry cleaning service available to clean dry thoroughly, without causing moisture to the carpet.

Do you want to protect yourself and your staff from chemical exposure by using organic products to clean your carpet? Chemical residues from carpet shampoo may remain on the carpet after shampooing, especially if not completely rinsed after cleaning. If you want to minimize unnecessary chemical exposure in your office, dry cleaning using organic cleaning products is your solution. Carpet cleaning uses organic products such as corn and biodegradable wood, as effective as, if not better, than conventional wet carpet washing, because this sponge is like a compound that thoroughly absorbs dirt in the carpet pile that will be removed at the end of cleaning treatment.

A common complaint about conventional wet carpet cleaning is a long rest period because it cannot run after cleaning and it will take half a day for the carpet to be cleaned to dry. Many companies choose to clean their carpets at night after all the staff goes home so that they can be left to dry overnight. But there are also offices that operate 24 hours 7 days a week. These companies often end up not cleaning their office carpets because they feel too disturbing for their operations. Dry carpet cleaners, as the name implies, clean without using water. Your carpet stays dry during cleaning treatment and the carpet can be used as soon as treatment is complete. This dry carpet cleaning method not only gives you the convenience of minimal surgical disruption during carpet cleaning treatments, but you will also enjoy the health benefits of working in a clean and hygienic work environment. Clean carpets help improve indoor air quality which in turn helps reduce manifestations of diseases caused by indoor allergens.

The Five Benefits of Running that you don’t want to ignore

Besides improving blood flow in the body, running also has other benefits that can directly affect several parts of the body. The following are some of the benefits of running for the body. Apart from that, perhaps you should check out the upcoming charity run event that will be organized by Daniel Ballerini.

Reducing weight

Running can trigger the burning of calories in your body. The amount of calories burned is influenced by how fast and how far you run, as well as your weight.

Good for knee health

Running can maintain knee health, even in arthritis sufferers. Studies show that running can reduce the risk of arthritis in the knee and hip, and stimulate cartilage growth in the knee. But if you have a problem with your joints, you should consult your doctor first, before starting running exercise as a routine activity.

Prevent osteoporosis

Running can trigger the formation of new bone cells. This makes your bones stronger and can reduce your risk of osteoporosis in the future.

Reducing the risk of coronary heart disease

Running more than 16 km per week can at least increase HDL or good cholesterol in your body. Other running benefits that you can get are reduced triglyceride and fat levels in the body. And if you can increase your run distance to 80 km per week, you will experience a significant increase in HDL. Research shows that those who exercise regularly and more than 50 minutes a week can reduce their risk of cardiovascular disease. Besides doing regular exercise, you need to support it with a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Improve Mood

Someone who routinely runs will feel his days better and happier. This can improve your mood, and have a good impact on the quality of your life. In addition, running is also believed to reduce the risk of depression. This is because when running, the body releases endorphins which are able to interact with receptors in your brain to reduce the perception of pain. This hormone also triggers positive feelings in the body. Exercise is believed to relieve mild to moderate depression.